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Double “D” Knitting and Glove Inc., as a licensee of DSM Dyneema®,
specializes in all styles and compositions of cut resistant gloves and sleeves with
Dyneema® “The world’s strongest Fiber® “. All of our cut resistant products are
manufactured in the USA.

We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing cut resistant composite
gloves containing Dyneema® “The world’s strongest fiber” and Kevlar® Brand Fiber
gloves and sleeves.

Our cut resistant gloves and sleeves containing Dyneema® are used extensively
throughout the restaurant, food service and food processing industries. Our cut resistant
gloves containing Dyneema® and Dyneema® & Stainless steel, are designed specifically
for the food service, food prep, restaurant, and food processing environment. They offer
superior, fit, comfort and dexterity along with DoubleGuard™Antimicrobial
Protection, that lasts for the life of the glove.

For applications that require the cut and puncture protection of a stainless steel
metal mesh glove, Double “D” has a complete line of gloves and sleeves of the “shark
glove” style Stainless steel mesh gloves as well as a complete line of stainless steel
garments. All our stainless steel “shark skin” glove styles are made in the USA and are
repairable should there ever be a need to repair a glove or garment.

Double “D” manufactures a complete line of Advanced Technology Armor™ ,
ATA™ and Kevlar® Brand Fiber, industrial work gloves and sleeves. Kevlar® Brand Fiber
sleeves are available in single or 2 ply, and lengths from 10” to 24”, natural or Black
Kevlar® color. ATA Single ply sleeves are available in 10” to 24” and offer
approximately 3 times the cut resistance for the same cost.

Double “D” also manufactures a line of cold environment, cold weather gloves of
Thermax®, Thermastat® and other high performance, moisture management fibers.
These knitted, high performance cold weather liner gloves are sold under the Thermal
Pro™ label. In addition, we carry a complete line of high visibility orange and lime, palm
coated freezer gloves.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.
Double D Knitting and Glove Inc., is a licensee of Royal DSM N.V.
Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont

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